An  introduction  of  public  supervision
The importance of supervision is seen as one of the constructive pillars and
management elements, resulted from an inevitable role of outputs which plays an  
important function in promoting the management process and organization
Supervision provides the practical grounds of system control in its different kinds, beside it makes a very special capability for the safety and efficiency of the organization The necessity – importance and attractiveness, enjoying of this potentiality, cause the development of the organization. Public supervision is one of the wonderful sort of supervision which is prevalent in social system. The regulation, religious low, also the special features of  municipality as a social system, cause  developing and improving  the
public supervision in municipality.

 From the system aspect, Public supervision means, the permanent and systematic
reaction of environmental output in organization, in order to promoting reaction the safety and efficiency of municipality. In this meaning, public supervision is defined as a long term and expanded seeking in system, which can distinguish and demonstrate the output in an international trend. This effort is for developing and promoting the capability of organization in problem solving and increasing the efficiency, adaptation with
circumstances, spreading  the new organizational solution, and developing the
organization capacity in order to providing the safety  and efficiency  of organization.
Public supervision as a marginal, operational subsystem is in the service of municipality in 4 aspects:
1. Communication with environmental and its output
2. Adjusting the current situation and next system
3. Organizational safety
4. Guarantee of organization efficiency

Familiarity with public supervision center:
As it was explained before, the public supervision of TEHRAN municipality (1888) has been innovated by Mr.dr.Ghalibaf, the most respectful mayor of TEHRAN, for providing the equal opportunity for all citizens, in order to having access to all city high managers based on justice. This center with the aim of
recognizing the threats – chances and the weak points of municipality depending on opinions and views of citizens through the systematic new methods, started its activity on 16 May 2006.

Since the launch on1888 Hotline so far ( Sep 2013 ) the honorable citizens of Tehran have contacted the system more than000/300/5thmes.After receiving counseling from expert of the system some 000/00/1 messages in the form of criticism, complaints, and acclamation have been registered and communicated to the senior managers of Tehran Municipality. More than 600,000 of these
messages have been follow up and accountable. Important actions carried out during the activities include: Conference held four times in public supervision , Active participation of more than 35,000 citizens of Tehran ( they are called
honorary Supervisor), Comparative studies in major cities around the world (Melbourne, Munich, Vancouver,…) and Directing more than 300 meetings of citizens with Senior municipal managers through 1888 Hotline on Monday of each week.